My First Bloggers Event EVER

Hi there!

First of all, HAPPY SATURDAY, it is weekend again and I love it!

Yesterday, I had my first Bloggers Event EVER… and I would like to share my experiences with you!

Last week I got an invitation via Instagram from Eindhovensrondje. They have a lovely Instagram and Website where they post about all the Hotspots in Eindhoven. So whenever you have no clue where to go in Eindhoven, you should definitely visit

Furthermore, they are the specialist in bringing people together and let them connect. This is exactly what happened yesterday evening…

Since this was my first bloggers event EVER, I had literally no clue what to expect.

This event hosted by Eindhovensrondje took place at Berlage Kitchen and Bar, located on the loveliest street in Eindhoven, de Kleine Berg.

Berlage Eindhoven is a very cosy nice restaurant where you can have a drink, (lekker borrelen for the Dutchies), eat and relax. A little while ago they renewed the whole Interior and it looks amazing! It is quite big, but still they made it look really cosy.

The Manager of Berlage told us something about their concept and I really like their idea:   They want to say goodbye to the ‘standard’ way of having dinner like starter, main course, dessert. What they encourage is to order different dishes, share it together, eat what you want, drink what you want, whenever you want basically. When you book a table, it will be your table for the rest of the night. They do not work with shifts, which does happen in many restaurants during the weekend.

I think their concept is really cool and has some big potential for the future. Moreover, they would like to organize more parties on Fridays for example. So you can have some delicious food, drinks and dance on the table (if you would like to).

Back to the Bloggers Event… Eindhovensrondje invited some different Food bloggers who are especially active in Eindhoven. When I got the invitation I already started following the girls on Instagram, but it is really funny to see the ‘real’ face behind an Instagram account.

I almost had the chance to talk with everyone and it was really nice! I did not expect it was so informative, I got some really good tips I didn’t think about yet. We got delicious food and drinks offered by Berlage and in the end the DJ turned up the volume.

The goal of this event was to connect with each other, to exchange ideas and to make each other strong. I think Eindhovensrondje definitely succeeded in this, I loved to be part of this Event and I would say to (hopefully) many more!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & do not forget to visit Berlage Kitchen and Bar Eindhoven!

Lots of love,

LiLa Lo

Live, Laugh, Love…

P.S. For more Pictures & Boomerangs about this Event, check out my Instagram @lilalobylaurence


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