Hotspot The Happiness Kitchen

Happy Saturday!!

I’ve got two good reasons why you should visit The Happiness Kitchen today:

  1. It’s Saturday, sooo a good reason to be HAPPY & to get even more happy by having lunch or coffee at The Happiness Kitchen.
  2. The Happiness Kitchen is celebrating their 2 year anniversary, so you’ll have a good excuse to eat Cake.

Yesterday, I went to The Happiness Kitchen to have Breakfast together with Lotte, a good friend of mine. We were super Lucky, cause we got an Invitation to have breakfast/lunch or a coffee offered by The Happiness Kitchen & Eindhovens Rondje.
Since we are both Breakfast lovers, the choice was not hard 😉

The Happiness Kitchen is more than just a juice bar or eatery. They have a concept where they try to support their customers in eating healthier, feeling better & being happier. They try to do this by serving 100% natural products.
Furthermore, they support locally grown ingredients and try to go organic wherever they can.
Whether you want to sit and relax or take away, the Happiness Kitchen is always there to assist you.

Normally I go to the Happiness Café to have a nice cup of coffee with a pastry. This time we went to their other location, The Happiness Kitchen, located at the Nieuwstraat in Eindhoven.

It was about 09:30 when we arrived, and from the moment we entered the restaurant I felt relaxed and welcome. The Interior looks amazing, and it is the Perfect place to start your day.

Lotte and I both ordered a Breakfast platter together with a nice Cappuccino. The Food looked amazing, and tasted really good!

I will be back soon to try their Lunch & Dinner dishes!

For now I wish you a HAPPY Saturday and of course Happy Birthday to you Happiness Kitchen!


Lots of Love,

Lila Lo

Live, Laugh, Love… 


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