Hotspot ‘So de Jus’ Eindhoven

Good Morning Lovelies!

I am writing this blog from Amsterdam, where I finally have some time to start writing again after a very busy, but super nice weekend!

Last Wednesday I got invited by Eindhovens Rondje with some other Food Bloggers from Eindhoven to visit Restaurant So de Jus in Eindhoven, located at the Grote Berg.

So de Jus opened its doors very recently so I went to this restaurant without any expectations. The moment I entered the restaurant I immediately got a nice glass of white wine and I felt very welcoming.

After saying Hi to everyone, Maurice, the owner and chef of So de Jus, took the word and introduced himself and the restaurant. From that moment on, my enthusiasm for this restaurant started and during the evening it got bigger and bigger.

First of all, Maurice started explaining the story behind So de Jus. As a little boy, Maurice visited his grandmother a lot. She was a typical ‘Brabantse’ grandmother, with an enormous love and Passion to always prepare a lovely meal for the family.  It didn’t take long or Maurice started to take over this behavior and especially the Passion.

Maurice didn’t stay in Brabant. He wanted to broaden his horizon, chose for the adventure and travelled the world. He told me about all the trips he had made and what he has learned along his way. For example, when in Australia, he started working in a restaurant, but he never told he was a chef cook. So he started cutting carrots, but soon enough they noticed his talent, and in a moment of time he became the chef of the restaurant.

This is only one example, but Maurice has many more. Just ask him about his past and he will be excited to tell you everything about it.

After 25 years of experience within the restaurant industry, his journey resulted in restaurant SO DE JUS.

This restaurant is a tribute to his grandmother, with a mission from the heart: preparing the most wonderful dishes for the guests, while the guests can enjoy their evening to the fullest and will have a memorable experience.

A memorable experience is exactly what I have had after this evening. Again, Eindhovens Rondje succeeded in bringing people together and learn from each other. This combined with the passionate Maurice & Maureen, the hard working staff and the delicious Food made the evening complete.

Before I completely forget… besides the Passion for his guests you can absolutely taste the Passion & Love the way the food is prepared. WAUW, everything we have tried was so good!!

We started with some bread and homemade pesto & truffel, always a good idea 😉 Afterwards, we got to try some different starters, and I could not stop eating. We had delicious Carpaccio, Vitello Tonnato, Tomato Soup and Smoked Salmon Wonton.

After the starters we went upstairs, where you can also eat as a guest. This atmosphere is amazing. It is very cosy and you can have a look at the kitchen and downstairs as well. There is a beautiful, large, wooden table, which makes this place also very suitable for Business Meetings or other events.

For the main courses we got to try the Biefstuk ‘SO DE JUS’, Biefstuk ‘SO DE JUS’ da’s pittig, Biefstuk ‘SO DE JUS’ knoflook, Biefstuk ‘SO DE JUS’ speciaal, Hamburger ‘SO DE JUS’, Kipsaté, Tonijnsteak and a vegetarian dish.

Seriously… everything tasted SO good!! My personal favorite was the Biefstuk ‘SO DE JUS’ da’s pittig. I won’t tell you exactly how it is made, you should just go there and try it yourself!

Together with all the food we good some very good wines where Maureen, partner of Maurice, could tell us everything about. Maureen is also working in the restaurant sometimes, and she has a very good eye for detail. Moreover, she is just as passionate as Maurice, which makes it a perfect match.

In the end, I would like to say, thank you very much Eindhovens Rondje for organizing this evening and of course BIG thanks to restaurant ‘SO DE JUS’, Maurice & Maureen, you are great!! And I will be back very very soon!

Enjoy your Tuesday,

Lots of Love,

LiLa Lo

Live, Laugh, Love…



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