LiLa Lo’s Beautiful Songs Playlist

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”

Hi there!

If you did not know it yet, I am a huge Music lover. Music is my life. Literally. Since I was a little child I listened to music a lot. I had piano lessons since I was 8 years old and last year I also started singing.

As a child I could not be happier than looking for new songs on ‘Limewire’ and download it to my MP3.

As the years passed by my MP3 became an iPod and my iPod became an iPhone, but my love for Music did not change.

Last week I had a discussion with a friend of mine and we talked about the following question: When do you feel you are alive? Honestly, I have many things I can say when I feel alive. However, a very important one is when I listen to Music, when I make Music or when I sing. Furthermore, a nice Concert a Festival.. being together with the people you love, listening to your favorite music… that is what makes me happy!

Okay okay… But what is your favorite Music then?? 

This is a question I get a lot.. But I do not have a specific type of Music I listen to all the time. Therefore, I created multiple playlists for different moods, settings and feelings.

Today I am going to share my ‘Beautiful Songs’ Playlist with you. Whenever I hear a Beautiful Song I add it to this playlist. I hope you will enjoy this playlist as much as I do.

Lately I have discovered a new artist which I am already a huge fan of. Her name is Freya Ridings and upcoming Monday she will perform in Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. I am going there together with a friend of mine, and I am SOOO excited!! I can’t wait and I will definitely share my experiences with you!

For now I wish you a wonderful evening & enjoy these beautiful songs!


LiLa Lo

Live, Laugh, Love… 


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