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Hopefully you are all enjoying the beautiful weather!

About two weeks ago I was invited by Horecaartje for a Coffee Tour trough Den Bosch. And it was amazing!!

Horecaartje is an initiative that gives you the opportunity to discover the greatest horeca hotspots in a town.


Because we, as people, tend to visit the same places which we already know. With so many new restaurants, bars and coffee bars in town it can be hard to make a choice where to go. And therefore Horecaartje created a ‘cadeaukaart’ with the coolest places in town that you MUST discover. For now Horecaartje focuses on two cities, Eindhoven & Den Bosch.
When you buy such a ‘cadeaukaart’ you can enjoy two drinks per stamp at the different hotspots. For more information please visit their website or have a look at their Instagram @horecaartje

For now Horecaartje is mainly active within the coffee, tea & lunch concepts. However, within the future they are also thinking about a borrel, wine, beer, cocktailcaartje. How awesome is that!!

I thought I knew Den Bosch quite good… I was wrong 😉

Together with other bloggers we gathered at the VVV in Den Bosch where we were kindly welcomed. Beside the fact that we were going to visit 5 Coffee Hotspots in Den Bosch, we also got a little tour along the way.

I thought I knew Den Bosche quite good… well, I was wrong. Den Bosch is a city with a lot of history and beautiful old buildings. When walking trough the city and paying attention to all details I learned a lot I did not know yet due to our very passionate tour guide.

Maestro’s Recordcafé

Our first stop was at Maestro’s Recordcafé. Their goal is to connect people to music and especially the kind of music you don’t know yet. Furthermore, Maestro’s is a café where you can enjoy delicious coffee and other drinks.
It is located in a beautiful old building with an enormous choice in records. Whenever you visit Den Bosch, this café is definitely worth visiting. Especially when you are a music lover, just like me 😉

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Our second stop was at Oerwoud. Oerwoud is a City garden store with a vegan health cafe in the middle of Den Bosch. At Oerwoud they have everything that is green, healthy & sustainable. Their mission is to make the city more green & conscious. What a great initiative is this & from the moment you arrive at Oerwoud, you feel like you are in a different world. The atmosphere is amazing and you will get excited to buy a nice plant or to have an amazing healthy snack or meal.
At Oerwoud we got to try a delicious vegan ice coffee together with a healthy bite. It tasted so good that I will definitely be back soon!


Drab – Coffee store & Coffee bar

Drab was the third stop and is a coffee store & a coffee bar with very exclusive coffee. They use and sell the one and only Blommers Coffee. And just as Blommers strives for the perfect beans, Drab strives for the perfect cup of coffee. They offer more than ten different coffee beans, so there is always something for you.
Besides the outstanding taste of the coffee, the interior looks amazing. The two owners make you feel comfortable and will make your coffee an experience rather than a just a cup of coffee.


DaSilva Beans & Leafs

After Drab we went to DaSilva Beans & Leafs. The DaSilva Family has an enormous passion for coffee & tea. Therefore, they strive to make the perfect coffee and tea. DaSilva has an experience Centre located in Zaltbommel. In Den Bosch they have an Espressobar & a coffee roasting factory. They are located at the Tramkade, which has a really nice urban touch. Since they are located near the water, it is also a perfect spot for hot summer days.

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CoffeeLab Den Bosch

Our final stop was at CoffeeLab Den Bosch. They also have a location in Eindhoven and they are thinking about opening another location in Tilburg and/or Breda.
At CofffeeLab they serve delicious coffee. But there is more than that. They offer other really nice drinks and we were lucky to taste some bites as well. My favorite was the cheese which you have to dip in honey and in ground coffee beans. Sounds weird, but it is absolutely delicious!
At CoffeeLab the guests are their everything and you can feel the hospitality. Moreover, the interior looks fabulous. Wether you are in Eindhoven or Den Bosch, you should definitely go and have a coffee.

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Den Bosch… I will be back

This afternoon was a really good one and I would like to thank Horecaartje for inviting me and organizing this great event. At the end we also got a lovely goodie bag with all kinds of goodies from shops within Den Bosch.

I have discovered so many new hotspots that I will be back soon in Den Bosch to visit them all again for a nice coffee or some delicious food!

Enjoy lovelies!


LiLa Lo

Live, Laugh, Love…


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