Hotspots Prague

Yesterday I came back from a weekend Prague together with my sister and parents to celebrate their 25 years of marriage…

Back to my roots
As some of you might know I am half Czech, half Dutch, since my mother was born in Czech Republic. My mother has a very special family history.
Unfortunately, due to the Communism, my mother had to flee together with her parents when she was only 5 years old. Even though my mom is basically raised in the Netherlands, Czech Republic will always have a special place in her heart. That’s why she also raised me and my sister with some Czech influences. For example, we grew up with the Czech Christmas tradition, Czech food and we often heard her speak Czech with our grandmother.

When we were young we have visited Prague and the countryside of Czech Republic to see where my mom lived before she had to leave the country. That is such a long time ago that I could hardly remember it. So I was extra excited to visit Prague again after such a long time!

Last weekend my parents were married in Prague 25 years ago!! It was so special that we could be there 25 years later and see the place where they got married!

Pivo a Párek
Ehhh what?? I can proudly say that I have added these two words to my Czech vocabulary! It stands for Beer & Sausages. Just like we have our ‘Bier & Bitterballen’, in Czech they have Pivo a Párek. Whenever you are in Prague, you have to make sure to try this! The Párek is served with mustard and horseradish. Whenever you start eating this.. you won’t stop, believe me 😉

For the best Pivo a Párek in town you should visit V Kolkovně, and if you would like to eat some typical Czech food, this is also a perfect restaurant!

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Some other Hotspots..

On the first night we have had a delicious dinner at Italian Restaurant Aldente Trattoria e Vineria Italiana. They serve delicious Italian Food and the service is excellent.

In the same street you can find another Italian Restaurant Casa de Carli where we had lunch one day. I had the Tuna Tartar & the Burrata, both tasted really good! Furthermore we were amazed by the hospitality and service of a Dutch Guy who lives in Czech now.

For a nice Lunch or Dinner with an amazing view on the ‘Karelsbrug’ you should definitely visit Hergetova Cihelna. The view is breathtaking and it gets even better with a nice glass of champagne.

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For the best cocktails in town you’ll have to go to Tretter’s. They have plenty of choice… and there is the possibility to dance as well!


What a beautiful city.. 

Prague is a city full of hotspots, with delicious food & drinks. Besides, Prague is a city with so much History. It is absolutely worth visiting! Wherever you walk and look around, you will see the beautiful buildings of Prague.

If you have ever visited Prague please let me know in a comment below what your favorite places are in the city!

All I can say for now is that I love Prague and I am proud of my Czech Roots.

Lots of Love,

LiLa Lo

Live, Laugh, Love… 




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