Hotspot MOOD Eindhoven

Restaurant MOOD has always been one of my favorite restaurants in town. It doesn’t matter if it is a hot summer evening, a rainy day or freezing cold, it is always busy & cosy and the food….. is DE-LI-CI-OUS! 

Yesterday I was invited by @pinkconfetti en @eindhovensrondje for a spontaneous dinner with some other ‘Eindhovense Bloggers & Foodies’ at Restaurant MOOD by Eveline Wu.

MOOD is located at the Keizersgracht, in the middle of Eindhoven. The exterior surrounded by the lovely terrace is very inviting. As soon as you enter the restaurant you’ll notice the amazing interior and the beautiful design of the bar. The interior is modern & trendy, but still very cosy. What I also love is the open kitchen, where you can see all the hardworking staff.

The owner of MOOD is the famous entrepreneur & chef Eveline Wu. Eveline grew up at the countryside near Shanghai and when she moved to the Netherlands she started her first wok-restaurant. This was just the beginning.. 20 years later she has four restaurants in Eindhoven and she took over Las Palmas in Rotterdam from Herman den Blijker.

Back in the days Eveline traveled to Miami for her sushi inspiration. You can definitely say that Eveline brought sushi to Eindhoven. Nowadays, Eveline still travels all over the world, but she is also getting a lot of inspiration from Instagram.

The power of Eveline is that she truly cares about her guests. She walks around the tables, makes a talk and listens to the personal wishes of her guests. Moreover, when listening to Eveline, you’ll notice her enthusiasm and passion. She keeps learning and improving, striving for the best. How inspiring!

MOOD has both an Asian and French menu. Yesterday we got to try some different Asian dishes followed by the Famous Sushi-boat. What a treat was this! I enjoyed all the different flavors of the Asian Cuisine.

We had edamame beans, springrolls, gyoza, my all-time-favorite Peking duck pancakes and all the different sushi’s. Together with a nice glass of white wine and good company this was a perfect evening!

I would like to thank @pinkconfetti and @eindhovensrondje for organizing this lovely dinner! And of course Eveline Wu, thank you for your time, the amazing food and inspiring words.

I’ll be back soon to also try the French Cuisine… and to enjoy the HAPPY HOUR Lunch on a Saturday. Who’s with me!?

Enjoy your week lovelies,


LiLa Lo

Live, Laugh, Love… 


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